Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and spread the word about products you genuinely adore. Share your passion and earn rewards for every sale. Embrace a community of like-minded enthusiasts and start a journey of growth, together. Discover the power of partnership with US. 
Sign up for our affiliate program today, and let’s share the love for our products with the world!

How it works.

You will be given a unique link and a discount code. That link/code will enable your followers to receive 10% off our website(s) and will keep track of your affiliate purchases.
Once a quarter you will receive a percentage payment from each sale that uses your unique code. Totals are collected through our websites.

Commission Levels  
Level 1: 5-50k followers – 2.5% commission 
Level 2: 50k+ followers – 5% commission 

With potential bonuses for top-performing affiliates.

Commission amount can be applied toward product purchases or quarterly payments will be made VIA check.
Regular check-ins and suggestions will be made to help guide and collaborate content.

Please fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you to collect further information and discuss your application.