Welcome to Blackstone Industries, LLC.

Established in 1976 by Willard Nelson, Blackstone Industries, Inc. grew a family of brands on the promise of providing quality tools and service to a broad and diverse customer base. Like many successful companies, Blackstone thrived on the strength of its team and their dedication to customer loyalty.

Blackstone Industries, LLC purchased the assets of Blackstone Industries, Inc in October 2013. Under new ownership, that same cohesive and passionate team continues to provide leadership and support to all its valued customers with a relentless pursuit of improvement centered on quality. With a solid established foundation to build upon, we are excited for the growth underway and challenges that lay ahead. To improve our customer interface and manufacturing processes we’ve launched a new enterprise and resource planning software system. We have begun the redesign of our brand websites to improve customer access to product information. In addition, we opened a new east coast showroom for our Edge Finisher brand so customers can come and demo equipment in person. These, along with new products, are just some of the exciting things happening at Blackstone.


Richard C. Milici
President and CEO – Blackstone Industries, LLC

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Company History:

Our Vision, Core Values & Mission


  • In order to achieve our vision we focus on these key elements:
  • Customers– A lean manufacturer serving their needs through partnerships built on loyalty, trust and confidence.
  • Employees– A cohesive team passionate about quality and the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Products– Quality innovative tools and accessories designed to exceed the needs of our global customers.
  • Workplace– An equal opportunity employment organization that values safety, individual contribution,encourages teamwork, supports innovation, and promotes the growth and development of all employees.
  • Community– Engaged in serving our local communities.


Family of premier quality brands serving artisans worldwide.

Core Values

  • Humility– Thinking of others first, being respectful, listening, and being attentive.
  • Integrity– Consistent in character and authentic in actions.
  • Accountability– Ownership in achieving results.
  • Creativity– Encouraging exploration, collaboration, and questioning of assumptions.

Blackstone Industries, LLC, 16 Stony Hill Rd, Bethel, CT 06801