World's leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools. Foredom flex shafts, bench lathes, micromotors & other bench top tools and rotary accessories are used in jewelry manufacturing, industrial operations, woodcarving, dental labs, science and research facilities, aviation, equine dentistry, military, technology, engineering, custom fabrication and more.
Manufacturer of quality band and scroll saw blades. Olson's bands come in broad range of types and specs for commercial and home shop use. Includes: All-Pro® PGT, MVP, Bi-Metal, Hard Edge, Flex Back, Hard Back, and Hobby Band (Wood Band). Scroll Saw Blades are available for virtually every power and hand held scroll saw taking plain end or pinned blades.
Manufacturer of quality razor saws, miter boxes, and other small tools used in model building, dollhouse and miniature assembly, woodworking, furniture making, DIY, arts and crafts and other hobby projects.Plus a wide variety of pin vises, knives, tweezers, pliers, clamps, sanders, measuring tools, saw frames, and blades
Manufacturer of professional quality diamond edge polishing machines in Bethel, CT. The EF-200 and EF-2000 produce a clear, polished edge on acrylic and other rigid plastic sheets. EFC also provides sales, tooling, and technical services for complete line of Shannon Plastic Bending Machines made in the Netherlands.